Places to see in Brazil

There is a list of amazing places to be visited in Brazil. Porto de Galinhas is one of Brazil’s best beach destination attracts the tourists during the holiday times. Here a series of accommodations are available in different price ranges. On the other side of the flip, there are attractive natural pools where the folks can enjoy the swimming. Campos do Jordao also known to be the Switzerland of Brazil located more than five thousand three hundred feet above the sea level in the Mantiqueria Mountains. Because of the reason for higher elevation the folks need not worry about the heat of the summer months. It is also known for its Winter Festival, a well known classical music event that draws the musicians globally. Florianopolis beaches are most popular one in Brazil especially for the surfers, partyers including the sun worshippers. Praia de Pipa is the favorite beach destinations liked by both local people and the tourists. It is also known to be vibrant nightlife and it includes a list of activities such as boating and surfing. On the other side of the flip, the town is surrounded by the environmental areas which are protected one. The folks can enjoy in the area and swim in the water with the dolphins and turtles.