Brazilian Cuisine

The Brazilian Cuisine has a list of varieties where one can find numerous tasty foods on menus each time they visit. Even though there are many fruits on Amazon, acai is the well known one. It is said to be that it has been traditionally eaten by the folks and also used in the Amazonian cooking, similar that of sauce with fish. On the other side of the flip, it is used as the energy snack of choice for the surfers in the Rio de Janerio. The folks can also buy acai vodka and acai beer. This delicious item is also served as the sweet, along with the slices of banana and can also be whizzed up in the juices. It can be found in each and every café. Quindim is a tasty yellow sweet which is another favorite item from the Bahia. It is made up of eggs, sugar, and coconut along with the butter. It is actually baked in the cupcake sized molds where the bottom is toasted and golden one. The topper part of the cake is a smooth firm custard type. The real meaning of Quindim is the delicacy in the Kikongo language which is spoken in both Congo and Angola.