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Brazil which is known to be the fifth largest country in the world surrounded by the white sand beaches, tropical islands, and colonial towns etc. It consists of many waterfalls, wetlands filled with the wildlife including the Amazon rainforest. It is mainly well known for its amazing beaches and the greater beaches can be found particularly in the Rio area. Republica Federativa do Brazil is the official name of Brazil. It is largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world and also the only one in the Americas. Christ the Redeemer is a popular statue of Jesus Christ which is located in the Rio de Janeiro. This statue is located at the peak of the seven hundred meters Corcovado Mountain; it stands about one hundred and thirty feet, including its thirty-one feet pedestal and also become an icon of Rio and Brazil. Iguacu Falls, the greatest natural wonders of the world is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Devil’s Throat a U-shaped waterfall system is about two hundred and sixty-nine feet and it can be reached from its Cloned Version of uber surrounding cities. An interesting fact is that along the Iguazu River; the gigantic waterfall system consists of about two hundred and seventy-five falls. The Amazon River is the second longest river globally and it is approximately four thousand miles; the largest river by the factor of volume. It has about three thousand recognized species of fish and the Amazon Basin is covered by half of the planet’s rainforests. It is said to be that about tenth of the world’s estimated ten million living species lives in the Amazon rainforest. There is a specialized function known to be the carnival celebrations which takes place in and around surrounding regions of Olinda and Salvador. This festival attracts nearly two million folks per day and almost half the million foreigners during its four-day celebration. It takes place all over the streets, clubs, and bars including the venues in Rio. Pantanal is known to be the world’s largest wetland is also famous for its wildlife. Here the Capybara and Yacare Caiman are present in million numbers. On the other side of the flip, it is known to be the largest Jaguar populations. Teatro Amazonas; popularly known to be Amazon Theatre which is located in the Amazon Rainforest. It was built with different kind of materials such as furniture from Paris, marble from Italy including steel from England. The outer dome was covered with thirty-six thousand decorated ceramic tiles by using the theme of Brazilian national flag colors. Ouro Preto one of the preserved colonial towns which mean black gold was founded at the end of the seventeenth century. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil. It is said to be that the eighteenth and nineteenth-century churches are decorated with gold. In Brazil, most of the places have the beautiful sandy beach at its heart.The city of Brasilia is one of the great wonders of the modern world. There are many important features of the city such as amazing road system, rolling landscape, and Lake Etc. This beautiful city is about six hundred air miles northwest part of the Rio de Janerio; which is more or less similar in the topography and vegetation of western Texas. Here the folks are friendly in nature and the lifestyles are tending to be informal. The construction of Brasilia began in the year 1957 and in the year 1960; the city became the capital of Brazil. Due to the factor of regular employment in the government, the people’s standard of living is stable. Here, most of the population depends either directly or indirectly on the government employee. From all over the parts, the population growth is a heterogeneous one and the native population is small. Here, the folks consider themselves as the state citizens and also form the close association with the state groups. The traditional food in Brazil is an awesome one. It has a list of well stocked and huge supermarkets. Both the vegetables and the fruits are in good supply.Rio de Janeiro is a famous metropolitan area; of about eleven million people surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is rich in the transportation, communication, and military including the journalistic activity. Here, Cariocas is divided into three residential areas such as Zona Sul, Zona Norte, and Barra da Tijuca. There is a unique mountain range is a scenic separation between the zones. There is a famous club based in Rio called Corinthians.

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